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My name is ELI.

I am a designer, a learner, a traveler and
overall a decent human being.

What brings you here today?

Hello, I’m happy to see you here!

Eli Y. Park

I started my career in the printing industry and evolved through different disciplines within the design field. The experience I gained from the printing industry helped me get attuned to the fundamental basis of process which I still use in many of my design processes. Currently, my focus is on user experience/human-centered design. I am very passionate about new technology and how they can be used to improve our daily lives.

I believe real life experience and passion are my greatest assets. I learned most of my skills through jobs and my own personal endeavors to consistently learn and gain new insight into this field. I can see myself constantly immersing into different areas of design and technology even in my late 70s. And I hope to keep it up till my last days. Below are some characteristics I value as a designer.

Lifetime Learner

I believe in diversifying knowledge in various areas of expertise to find solutions and unseen possibilities. I am committed to finishing a project even if it means I need to learn new tools and skills.

Team Player

A finely tuned machine is made up of a fine set of parts. Having a well coordinated team is vital to the success of any project. I play my part to ensure my team is motivated and focused to achieve our goals.

Quick Starter

Sometimes, the stakes are high. Sometimes, there isn’t much time. A quick starter is key to make it to the finish line. My philosophy is to hit the ground running regardless of which phase your project may be in.