Eli Y. Park

I am a UX designer specializing in mobile app, website and organization development. My background includes a curious assortment of work AND life experiences.

My initial career started as an assistant designer at a print shop. I had background in graphic design from the school but never graduated. I picked up my skills while working and finally got my first degree not too long ago. While studying, I have already build up my client list and fearlessly taught myself new skills whenever I got a chance through online schools and courses.

I was attracted to UX design due to its flexibility in resolving faulty design issues in any project. It could be a gestural implementation on a device or a fundraising strategy for a non-profit. There wasn’t any limit to how this skill can be applied. I hope to find a organization to exercises this skill to an extreme and grow within it. Following are some character I can bring as a team member to your organization.

Lifetime Learner

I believe in diversifying knowledge in various areas of expertise to find solutions and unseen possibilities. I am committed to finishing a project even if it means I need to learn new tools and skills.

Team Player

A finely tuned machine is made up of a fine set of parts. Having a well coordinated team is vital to the success of any project. I play my part to ensure my team is motivated and focused to achieve our goals.

Quick Starter

Sometimes, the stakes are high. Sometimes, there isn’t much time. A quick starter is a key to make it to the finish line. My philosophy is to hit the ground running regardless of which phase your project may be in.


"Eli is a versatile graphic designer with the skills to take abstract ideas through production across print and web. She was instrumental to the development and visual identity of the Nanostone Water brand. She was extremely easy to work with and understands the importance of meeting deadlines. I would certainly hire her again!"Andy Simon
Andy SimonNanostone Water, Inc.
"I ended up finding an amazingly reliable, talented, and easy to work with designer in Eli. Her work should speak for itself but what can't be seen on a LinkedIn resume is that she is great to work with and/or direct. I have recommended her to multiple other agencies since and have only heard back similar praises."Derek Bronsteen
Derek BronsteenSuperstruct LA
"Eli is an exceptionally gifted graphic designer. She always presents stylish, professional, and attractive work. Moreover, she listens closely to what she has been asked to do and provides great work very quickly. She does not hesitate to ask questions, if necessary, and is unfailingly cordial and professional. Eli quickly learns her clients' needs and works accordingly. She is also very kind and fun, which doesn't hurt either. I worked closely on many projects with Eli and wholeheartedly endorse her work. She does not disappoint."Gary Collis
Gary CollisEquality California
"Eli is full of ideas and inspiration, and has an excellent eye for design and creativity. Not only is she creative and easy to work with, but she provides insightful suggestions and feedback on how to take a project to the next level. Eli has exceeded every expectation and proven to be fantastic asset to Ciphertex."Jennifer Liu
Jennifer LiuCiphertex Data Security

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By luck or whatever it may be, I have acquired the skill sets presented here. As most of things in life, the functionality and improvements on these programs and applications are every changing. Therefore, my fluency on certain skill sets also fluctuates. However, the process and the theology behind the creative outcome my clients seek are very much fluent.

In most cases, these skill sets are being applied to one or more projects at a given time. And doing so makes the edges sharp for the next big leap into expanding the knowledge to real life application.  If you have question on the fluency of each skill sets presented here, contact me. I’ll be happy to answer all questions confidently.