Action based Community App (AbCA) is a community building social application for disconnected individuals to connect in a different way.

The goal of AbCA is to fulfill the need of modern individuals to make connections with others who share interests in common activities and to establish a community of their own.

By gathering the user’s activities, AbCA recommends nearby users who share interest in the same activities. When these users agree to create a tribe, the tribe becomes a community where others can join as members.

This project is still in its infancy and updates will be provided as its development progresses.

Skill sets utilized

UI Visual Design
Designing assets and overall branding for applications and websites, pixel to pixel.
UI/UX Mock-ups
Mock-ups are created mostly for application and website UX projects. Both or either of low-fi and hi-fi mock-ups may be provided.
UX Research
Research based on direct or indirect user interactions such as interviews, and surveys and data analysis depending on the need and the budget of the project. Documentations include, journey maps, personas, data visualization, and low-fi mock-ups.
Layout design for user interface that specifically focuses on space allocation and prioritization of content, functionalities, and behaviors of assets.
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