Ciphertex Data Security

Ciphertex Data Security specializes on various lines of hardware products that protects data not only from cyber crimes but also from natural disasters. Most of their projects involved designing a layout or an element that either present or represent a large body of information.

Through the years, I was fortunate enough to work on various icons and print materials for Ciphertex Data Security. Majority of the workload was focused on graphic elements. Some projects required photo editing for product design and development.

Skill Sets Utilized

Creating a significant presence and perceived value to the brand through imprinting an emotional response to the public.
Creative Direction
Development, execution, and management of a creative vision which becomes the core of a project.
Designing symbolic graphic or an icon to represent a set of ideas.
Identity Design
Designing seamless connection between branding asset that would represent visual identity of a brand.
Layout Design
Planning and placement of elements to promote clear communication through layout organization on a document.


Project Deliverable
  • Active and Inactive states
  • Three icon types

First project I was assigned by Ciphertex was to create system icons for operating systems. Three types of icons were created in two variations: active and inactive. This was a new form of icon I have not experienced previously and was an exciting project. Below are the mock-ups created for the project. There were some other assets created for the installation process. However, they are mostly recreation of the pre-existing logo and are not shown below.

Cloud Icon
Data Configuration Icon
Installation Icon


Project Deliverable
  • Overall branding
  • Icons
  • Brochure
  • Flyer

Ciphertex Protect is the first software based product line introduced in 2016. I was charged with branding and creating collateral materials for the product line. Ciphertex Protect secures the data by providing automated solutions that monitors and compartmentalizes data in separate repositories.

The initial goal of the project was to create an overall branding for the new product. This included designing five icons representing product’s five distinctive security measures: Cybersecurity Repository, Assessor, Auditor, Analyzer, and Protector.

Additional collateral materials were designed to support further marketing and promotion.


Project Deliverable
  • Icons
  • Diagrams
  • Graphics

Many graphics were created for Ciphertex website. The notable one would be the series of icons designed to represent the characteristics of the hardware product line.

Diagrams were drawn to illustrate the connection between Ciphertex products and other devices on the network. Most diagrams were also used on guides and documentations included in the product packaging.

Additional graphics were created through photo editing/photo enhancement from photographs of actual products.


A number of brochures were designed specific to several markets. These brochures were used mainly for sales and promotions.

Majority of the changes were contextual but few graphic and layout changes were also made. Below are some sample brochures.

Media Production Brochure
Ciphertex Media Production Brochure
Media Production BrochureClick to View
Forensic Brochure
Ciphertex Forensic Brochure
Forensic BrochureClick to View
Healthcare Brochure
Ciphertex Healthcare Brochure
Healthcare BrochureClick to View
Government Brochure
Ciphertex Government Brochure
Government BrochureClick to View
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