Equality California

Equality California is one of the hardest working lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender  civil rights organizations in southern California. I worked on different projects with three separate departments. The unique multi-department interaction helped me to understand the scope of the organization’s goals and their needs.

Projects covered many different types of layouts and outputs. Multiple drafts of projects were created for all of the project due to content adjustment requested by the client. Both intermittent and final drafts were used in online and offline marketing and promotions but some included social media graphics and in-house materials for event operations.

Skill Sets Utilized

Creating a significant presence and perceived value to the brand through imprinting an emotional response to the public.
Providing information to a client to assist them to define their needs, make an informed decision, and arrive at an expected resolution.
Identity Design
Designing seamless connection between branding asset that would represent visual identity of a brand.
Layout Design
Planning and placement of elements to promote clear communication through layout organization on a document.


Project Deliverable
  • Awards branding
  • Sponsorship materials
  • Pre-award flyers
  • Invitations
  • Advertisements
  • Event media screen
  • Event print collateral

Equality Awards celebrate the achievements of leaders and allied organizations fighting to bring an equality for all. They are held in different cities as a series of awards. Initially, the design direction was focused on creating a focal graphic that can be utilized in multiple awards. As the project progressed, the direction changed and multiple assets were created to accommodate the uniqueness of each city where the award ceremony is held.

Visual direction was set pretty early on. With the agreement of the presiding development director, I proceeded to create a graphic that would embody the illuminating achievement of the award recipients. Initial design was a crystallized light of colors. Each city was assigned a different color combination representing the dominant colors of its landscape. However, with the further development and some compromises, the final products resembled the cityscapes of the presented city. Total of three award graphics were created. Below examples of the design process are of the 2015 Los Angeles Equality Awards.


Though majority of projects weren’t directly related to social marketing, there were multiple of projects assignment related to social branding.

Below are some of the social branding samples that were created as a single post or series of posts relating to a cause or a campaign.

Ready For Hillary Endorsement
Harvey Milk Day
California Faith for Equality
Martin Luther King Jr Day


There were few moments while working with Equality California when I felt more can be done. Due to lack of understanding of the hierarchy of the organization, I was not able to win approvals on some key directions which could have altered the final outcome of projects I was working on.

Without a solid branding strategy, the organization’s identity will weaken over time due to constant change in direction.

If enough effort and time can be invested, it would be beneficial to create a core creative direction to stabilize the overall branding of the organization.

At the end, the experience was golden. I have learned much and have applied the learning in many of the past and current projects. I have gained a measurable breadth of my own abilities and my capability of project management.

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