Nanostone Water

Nanostone Water Inc. is a manufacturer of both polymeric and ceramic filtration membranes. Their product line has a wide range of applications: food & beverage, dairy, CTX, leachate, electro coating, industrial water treament, and municipal water treatment.

The opportunity to work with Nanostone was presented by another client’s recommendation. Major branding assets were created through series of projects including consulting on UX/UI design for website development.

Skill Sets Utilized

Creative Direction
Development, execution, and management of a creative vision which becomes the core of a project.
Designing symbolic graphic or an icon to represent a set of ideas.
Identity Design
Designing seamless connection between branding asset that would represent visual identity of a brand.
Layout Design
Planning and placement of elements to promote clear communication through layout organization on a document.

Project: Icons and Assets

Project Deliverable
  • membrane icons
  • application icons
  • brochures, & guides
  • banners
  • exhibit & booth wall graphics
  • marketing materials

Nanostone had a pre-existing logo but lacked branding. First task I was assigned was to create branding assets and icons for applications and membranes. The designing of icons required a research on the filtration processes and the membrane manufacturing industry which I had no prior knowledge of. Majority of branding assets were implemented in both the print and the web collateral such as brochures, banners and other marketing materials.

The Branding of exhibits & booths at international conventions was an unexpected project. The hired commercial exhibition design firm fell through at the last minute and much of graphics created for banners and brochures were utilized. To maximize the area allocated for the booth, we used the walls as display to showcase the product details and the process flow diagrams. The graphics were used in international conventions targeting German, Turkish, and Chinese market.

Additional Branding Materials

Pocket Folder

created to be used for sales and conventions

Logo Placement

product image retouch & logo placement

Wall Graphic

created for convention booths & exhibits

Shopping Bag

convention merchant bag with branding

Project: UI/UX – Website

Nanostone’s goal for the website redesign was to provide easier access to product documentation to the visitors. A specific section on each application page was defined as the focal point of the project.

A guideline was placed to keep the predefined website design hierarchy intact. Majority of the research data was presented in the beginning of the project by the client.


Working with Nanostone Water provided opportunities to invest more time in researching the targeted markets. I was able to work with a kick-ass international marketing director throughout the process and we implemented majority of branding objectives outlined.

Unfortunately, the UI/UX project for revamping the website was halted during the research and mock-up process. The further development and finalization of the project would have been an interesting adventure to see through.

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